EastEnders spoiler sees Rocky let slip to Harvey the truth about Bobby’s killer past

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Next week's EastEnders is set for drama and betrayal after Rocky lets slip to Harvey the truth about Bobby Beale's killer past.

As Rocky and Kathy help Harvey move into Albert Square, Bobby and girlfriend Dana pop in and Bobby awkwardly invites Dana to go to the mosque with him to celebrate Islamic New Year.

After the encounter, Bobby tries to convince Dana to tell her dad the truth about him and his past after spending time in prison for killing his sister Lucy Beale in 2014 when he was aged 10.

Bobby had previously lied about who he is but eventually came clean and told Dana the truth about his past last month, which resulted in her dumping him, but she recently gave him another chance.

However, the decision is taken out of their hands when Rocky lets slip the truth to Harvey about why and how Bobby converted to Islam.

Harvey is left furious as he goes to confront Bobby about his past and is surprised to hear that Dana already knows all about it. Can he move past Bobby's secret?

While Kathy and Rocky come to blows over his betrayal and revealing Bobby's secret before he got the chance to.

Elsewhere, Karen begins to worry when she overhears Chelsea’s new nickname for Gray’s kids and puts a plan into action for a "chance" encounter between Gray and his former love interest Whitney.

The next day, Mitch and Karen join forces to help at Mia’s birthday party. Gray is touched when Whitney shows up but Chelsea skips the event, making an excuse, and is later approached by a male admirer where she accepts a drink. What is her next move?

Plus, as Ruby and Martin prepare for news ahead of their next hospital appointment, she insists that she is fine to go alone.

Feeling guilty over wrongly sending Stacey to prison, Ruby also tries to help Jean, who she has struck up an unlikely bond with, this week, which leads to a huge heart-to-heart.

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What will Ruby reveal to Jean and how will she take it?

EastEnders continues on Thursday and Friday at 9:05pm on BBC One.

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