EastEnders spoilers: Karen struggles with shock new death in the Taylor family

The Taylor family will be left in a state of grief again in next week’s EastEnders when beloved pet dog Bronson is put down.

The death looks set to devastate young Bailey (Kara-Leah Fernandes), who is already in a fragile state with Mother’s Day being just around the corner.

Speaking about the loss of Bronson, actress Lorraine Stanley, who plays matriarch Karen, said:

‘It’s terrible as he’s such a part of the family. Bailey struggles with the situation, so Karen really wants to look after her.

‘She loves her like she’s one of her own and will always go the extra mile. And then you add in the fact that Chantelle has recently gone, too…’

It’s been a traumatic time for the Taylors in recent years, with Bailey having lost mum Dinah (Anjela Lauren Smith) in 2019 and Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) being killed in what the family currently believes to be a tragic accident back in September 2020.

What Chantelle’s nearest and dearest don’t yet realise, of course, is that she was murdered by abusive husband Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith), who was so far managed to cover up his crime.

On the topic of what happens next, Stanley commented that more heartache is to follow for Walford’s most cursed clan:

‘They’re trying to grieve for Bronson and things get overwhelming. More things go downhill from there.’

Whether this means Karen will discover the truth about her daughter’s death remains to be seen. But it seems there’ll be little in the way of let-up for the Taylors for the time being.

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