Emmerdale SPOILER: Fans shocked over Meena Jutla’s first murder victim in explosive episodes

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Emmerdale fans have been left in shock over Meena Jutla’s first murder victim after new episodes, which are yet to be aired on television, were released to the ITV Hub on Monday.

It was revealed last month by the soap’s producer Kate Brooks that Meena, played by Paige Sandhu, would be part of a “gripping” new storyline where a major character would be killed off.

And now viewers can discover who the evil nurse’s first victim is after this week’s episodes were released to the ITV Hub ahead of their air date.

Taking to Twitter, some fans, who have already watched the explosive episodes, shared their shock over the twist while they made sure not to give away any spoilers.

One person said: “Just saw who dies on Emmerdale on the ITV Hub all I can say is it was who I thought I won’t spoil it for anyone but wow #emmerdale.”

A different fan put: “Okay… I was wrong about who Meena kills! Shame though! The character could’ve gone a long way! #Emmerdale.”

Another account commented: “No spoilers but Thursday and Friday's episodes were so good, Meena is already such a good villain and one person gives such a heartbreaking performance had me crying #Emmerdale.”

While another soap watcher added: “Just watched this week’s #Emmerdale. Thrilling eps. Paige Sandhu is so, so good as Meena.”

It was revealed last month that Meena would be part of a new “gripping” storyline on Emmerdale which will keep shocked viewers on the “edge of their seats”.

The popular ITV soap's producer Kate promised that the character of Meena will be taking centre stage over the summer months.

So far, viewers have watched her controlling behaviour with David heighten, with Kate saying that the relationship will soon reach boiling point.

"From a real and very gripping story, to the wonderful Meena. Meena has rocked up in the village and has manipulated her way into people's affections," she said.

Kate added to The Mirror: "Now she is loved up with David. This is a woman who will do everything and anything to get what she wants. She won't be tied by anyone who gets in her way.

"This is just the start of a really gripping and enthralling story that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats, and shouting at the television as they struggle to keep up with Meena's impetuous and volatile ways."

Kate concluded that she hopes Meena's "whirlwind of a story" will "get the nation talking".

"It's a real whirlwind of a story that will hopefully get the nation talking and guessing what is gonna come next."

Meena's character, who is the sister of Manpreet Sharma, was introduced to Emmerdale last September.

Speaking previously of her character, actress Paige told The Metro: "Meena is wild and very intelligent in the way she can manipulate people to do what she wants.

"She knows how to work people, and she's a chameleon, depending on who she's talking to."

"She wonders: 'What can I get out of this person?' So she's really fun to play."

Paige continued: "I would say with Meena, there's always a selfish desire underneath what can seem a shiny veneer.

"There's always something else going on, which is the interesting and complex thing about her."

Emmerdale continues at 7pm on Monday night on ITV.

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