Emmerdale spoilers: Kerry Wyatt catches Nate and Moira kissing following his row with a guilt-ridden Amy

MOIRA Barton’s steamy affair with hunky farmhand Nate Robinson looks in danger of being uncovered in Emmerdale when Kerry Wyatt catches them in a very compromising position.

Kerry – who’s played by Laura Norton in the ITV soap – goes looking for Nate after he and her daughter Amy have a row.

Now Amy has confessed to Nate the truth about how the fire in the Sharma sweet factory started, Kerry is worried that it’s only a matter of time before their killer secret is revealed.

She heads off to confront Nate, but is stunned at what she finds him getting up to with his married boss, Moira.

But what will Kerry do with this information? Will she tell Amy that Nate’s doing the dirty on her? Or will she use it to blackmail Nate into silence?

Only time will tell.

Emmerdale fans know that Kerry and Amy were behind the devastating blaze that ripped through the sweet factory and left Frank Clayton for dead.

Kerry has so far managed to manipulate the villagers into believing Frank was responsible for the inferno as he had been fired by owner Jai Sharma that very day.

He also had no other reason to be in the factory at the time the fire started. It was lucky he was however as he managed to rescue daughter Tracy Metcalfe who was trapped in a store room at the time.

After saving Tracy, Frank seemed to have survived but, as he headed out of the flames himself, the factory exploded, killing him and leaving Tracy devastated.

She’s been on a mission to clear his name and discovered he had a ring box on him when he died. Convinced he had gone to the factory to collect the sparkler so he could propose to lover Megan Macey, Tracy gave Megan the ring.

But with no other suspects and the investigation into the fire now closed, Tracy is heartbroken that – aside from Megan who has now left the village – no one believes her, even her own sister, Vanessa.

Also this week, fans will see Tracy break down as she questions her dad’s innocence herself.

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