Good Boys review: Its eagerness to shock becomes a bit tiresome — but it’s message about friendship is very enjoyable – The Sun

GOOD Boys reminded me of a swearier, more puerile version of Adrian Mole, which when you were 13 3/4 made zero sense, but to adults was eye-wateringly funny.

Max, Thor and Lucas are 12 year old best friends who’s only problems in life are the amount of pubic hairs they own and how to kiss girls – all huge issues when you’re invited to your very first kissing party (American kids have kissing parties? Geez, Derby really needed to catch up in 1986).

On their quest to perfect a tongue sandwich, Max’s dad’s drone is destroyed, leading them on a merry dance around the city to get it replaced – which takes in some pretty eye-opening stuff for a 45 year old film critic, let alone three dorky tweens.

There are sex dolls, sex toys, drugs and some seriously fast traffic – all wrapped up in more f-bombs than Goodfellas.

At times it’s eagerness to shock and tittilate becomes a bit tiresome – but it’s message about friendship groups and it’s horrific reminder at just how awkward being 12 surprised me in to enjoying this very much indeed.

The three leads know how to deliver a joke and as the title suggests, you are on their side from the off.

Look, your kids are going to want to watch this very much. Absolutely DO NOT watch this with them – especially if you’ve got a swing in your bedroom.

Right, once I’ve finished laughing I must have a chat with my sons about a few things…

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