‘How dare you!’ Bradley Walsh fumes as guest cuts off The Chase host: ‘Should know better’

The Chase: Contestant answers question too early

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Bradley Walsh teased guest Neil for answering a question before he had finished giving the options on a repeat of gameshow The Chase. After being cut off from giving the options to the answer, Bradley turned to Neil and snapped: “How dare you!”

After building an impressive £5,000 in the cash-builder round, it was revealed the team would be facing Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty.

She offered Neil £1,000 as a lower offer and £25,000 for the higher offer and after consulting his teammates, Neil decided to stick with the £5,000.

The first question Neil was asked was about Steven King novel IT, and where the clown Pennywise lived.

Bradley started to give the options: “A. The Sea, B. The Sewers…” but before he could finish giving the third option, Neil had already answered the question.

Flustered by Neil’s quick answer, Bradley whispered: “How dare you?”

Realising he’d cut off the ITV host mid-sentence, Neil replied: “Too soon?”

“Too soon? How dare you!” Bradley barked back. “You’re a conductor, you should know better, when you go to answer, I’ll go like this.

“We practised it,” Bradley joked, to which Neil apologised for answering too soon.

Neil managed to fly through his round, beating Anne and getting back to his team with £5,000 in the bank.

Up next was contestant Bev, who managed to build £4,000 in the cash-builder despite struggling to answer a few questions.

Once at the table with Anne, she was offered £1,000 for her low offer and £30,000 for the higher offer.

The team were confident in Bev getting back to the table with £4,000 and encouraged her to stick with the amount she had built herself.

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Bev sailed through the round without getting a single question wrong, prompting Bradley to inform her that she could have gone for the £30,000 and still made it through.

The fourth contestant was Bertie, who built £5,000 and was offered minus £1,000 as his low offer and £45,000 as his higher offer from Anne.

Despite being tempted to take the higher offer, the team convinced Bertie to stick with his initial amount and make sure he was back with the team for the Final Chase.

Bertie was also successful within his round and made it back to the team, setting them up with £14,000 in the bank.

The last contestant to take on the challenge was Linda, who again built another £5,000 and was offered minus £4,000 as the low offer and £54,000 as the higher offer.

Deciding to take the £5,000 she had originally built, Linda also made it through to the Final Chase, putting their bank amount up to £19,000.

The team managed to get 17 steps ahead of the Chaser before she took her turn to try and catch them.

With Anne answering five questions wrong and the contestants successfully pushing her back, the team managed to ‘The Governess’ and took home £4,750 each.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 
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