James Cleverly sparks outrage as he calls on businesses ‘stay afloat through own efforts’

Cleverly on ‘protecting integrity of supply’ amid gas price spike

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Foreign office minister James Cleverly’s comments have caused fury on Twitter after tellling that the government will discuss with the industry how best to “protect the integrity of supply” amid surging gas prices. It came as the energy industry experiences a spike in wholesale gas prices due to high global demand and maintenance issues, causing concerns amid consumers.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Foreign office minister James Cleverly said: “Ultimately what we want to do is to ensure that they stay afloat, organically.”

Dan Walker interrupted: “What does that mean?”

Mr Cleverly replied: “What it means is that we want the businesses should stay afloat through their own efforts, ideally.”

Mr Walker chipped in: “So, you won’t be bailing them out?”

Mr Cleverly went on: “What we want to make sure is that we protect the integrity of our supply.

“We protect consumers both commercial and residential, and we will discuss with the industry, the best way of doing that.

“We want to see diversity in the market. Of course, we do.

“We also want to protect, as I say, consumers. Exactly how we do this is up for discussion that I’m not going to speculate on exactly how that might happen.”

However, Mr Cleverly’s comments sparked outrage on Twitter.

Labour supporter Debbie wrote on Twitter: “What a load of nonsense? Well done Dan Walker for trying to get an answer to the question about UC but how can people get jobs if they’re too sick or ill to work?”

“What a joke? Cleverly dodged answering questions again!

“Tory theme! Can’t afford to eat, can’t get to banks due to serious injuries!” 

Anton Werdek said: “He also expects wages to rise as job vacancies increase. He obviously has little knowledge of pvt social care companies.”

Phil McEachen added: “Unless it’s a bank that needs to be bailed out obviously.”

While Peter Stoddart wrote: “‘Stay afloat through their own efforts’.

“It’s back to the 70s where every employee to bring their own candles into their offices and workplaces.”

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