Kylie Jenner accused of 'profiting from the pandemic' as she launches luxury $7 hand sanitizer in skincare line

KYLIE Jenner has been slammed by fans who accused her of “profiting off the pandemic” with today’s hand sanitizer launch in her skincare line. 

The beauty mogul added a lux version of the germ-killing spray as her latest Kylie Skin product however, many of her followers labeled the move as “pathetic.”

Kylie’s hand sanitizer comes in a pretty pink bottle that matches the rest of her collection and holds two ounces of liquid. 

Retailing at $7 for the small container, the product is much pricier than similar products from drug stores. 

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star’s hand sanitizer promises to keep its user “safe and clean at all times.”

Formulated with 80% alcohol, the company advertises that the sanitizer is fast-drying, soothing and protects skin from dryness. 

Last month, Kylie, 23, announced her skincare line would be adding the highly-coveted pandemic must-have.

In the weeks since, both the reality star and her company have been highly advertising the product in a series of social media teases. 

The product became available on her website at 9am PST on Tuesday however, unlike many of her other products, it has yet to sell out hours later.

Many of Kylie’s 207 million followers immediately began to slam the “hustle” of making an “overpriced” sanitizer during the coronavirus health crisis. 

“Kylie really made kylie skin hand sanitizer…………. like ? Let’s profit off a pandemic,” one person tweeted. 

Another critic wrote: “Not Kylie capitalizing off hand sanitizer… period sis.”

“Who the f**k wakes up and decides “i’m gonna buy a hand sanitizer from kylie jenner,” one more questioned. 

While someone on Instagram commented: “Girl this is pathetic!”

“Not kylie making a hand sanitizer. girl….no,” a dismayed fan expressed. 

After the massive success of launching Kylie Cosmetics in 2015, Stormi’s mama expanded her empire with the launch of her skincare line. 

In May 2019, sister company Kylie Skin debuted online and within five minutes, the entire line of creams, washes and serums sold out. 

In addition to getting backlash from her recent product launch, the brunette bombshell was in hot water for “boasting” her wealth as she spent the holidays in Aspen with her family. 

Many fans of the E! stars have called the family "tone deaf" during this year, as they seem to have gone financially unscathed throughout.

On the journey to her Colorado mansion, Kylie posed in front of her $72m private jet with her Stormi holding a $1,390 Prada bag.

“Tone-deaf, again,” one commented while another clarified, “We already know you’re rich.”

“Must be nice to flaunt your money in the middle of a global pandemic when most people haven’t worked in months,” added another.

She was joined by her on-again boyfriend Travis, their daughter, Stormi, 2, her sister Kendall and friend of the family Fai Khadra.

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