Love Island fans gutted as Jake Cornish’s Instagram ‘confirms’ Jiberty split

Love Island fans have been left absolutely devastated after Jake Cornish’s official Instagram account appeared to confirm his split with Liberty Poole.

‘Jiberty’ have been a firm fan favourite since the very beginning of the 2021 series of the show, and even more so after making things official as boyfriend and girlfriend.

But on Thursday night, Liberty admitted she wanted to be "true to herself" and made the move to end things with Jake, after he said he "got the ick" over her "messiness".

Liberty was left in tears, tearing off her microphone and walking out of the villa until she was comforted by pal Faye Winter.

There appeared to be a small hope for the couple after Liberty was spotted wearing the bracelet Jake gave her in the teaser for Friday night’s episode – but this seems to have been dashed after Jake’s latest social media post.

Posting a clip of Liam teaching the boys to sing Happy Birthday in Welsh, Jake’s official Instagram account – which is being run by his family while he’s in the villa – captioned the video: "Jake may not have found his ‘Happy Ever After’ but he’s learnt to sing Happy Birthday in Welsh.

"Sending our boy a whole lot of love and hope him and @libertypoole are both ok."

Fans immediately flocked to the comments section to share their concern for both Jake and Lib, with one writing: "Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. Jake is not a bad person. Hope they both are doing okay mentally and emotionally."

Someone else echoed: "Sad times. I’m gutted for them both. He wasn’t into her like she was him."

Another fan wrote: "Aww I hope Jake and Lib stay together!"

But it doesn’t look good for the couple, as tonight Jake is set to tell Lib that his affection for her "died out".

Tonight, Liberty receives a text which reads: "Liberty and Jake. Please get ready to leave the villa for your final date. #MakeOrBreak."

As the two opt to go for it and hit the water on a luxurious yacht, Jake tells Lib: "Here we are then. Our perfect date we’ve always spoken about. You look beautiful today."

Things are set to quickly get real for the couple, as Liberty admits the "spark just faded" in their relationship.

Jake responds: "On my behalf I felt the affection died out. That’s a big thing for me and that’s nothing against you as a person."

A clearly heartbroken Liberty replies: "I’m not going to lie – I did fall in love with you. And at one point I thought I had found the one but once the honeymoon passes you start seeing the cracks."

But will Jake and Liberty patch things up – or leave the villa for good?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

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