Love Island fans spot Maura throw away a FULL wine glass when Curtis reveals Jordan is 'cheating' on Anna

LOVE Island fans adore Maura Higgins after she threw her full glass of wine on the floor when Curtis Pritchard told her Jordan Hames had feelings for India Reynolds.

The Irish ring girl was having a heart to heart on the bean bags with the latin and ballroom dancer, but when he told her Jordan felt his relationship with girlfriend Anna Vakili was on the rocks and his head was turned for the newcomer, Maura flipped out and chucked her drink.

Speaking on last night's episode, Curtis said: "Right, I've got some news. I've been speaking to Jordan, basically he is unsure, he is a bit confused.  He has feelings for India."

A stunned Maura replied: "Sorry for what? You what, wait,wait?  Are you joking?", before she threw her drink.

She continued: "I actually give up,  I am going to go mad.  What a p***k, how dare he? Why did he ask her to be his girlfriend?

"I hate guys like him. Is he going to do that before speaking to Anna? I'm not going to let him do that to my best friend. I need to go and tell her."

She continued: "If one of my friends did that to me I would never speak to them, so I am not going to sit her and I'm not losing her as a friend."

Fans couldn't get enough of the moment, and hailed Maura's loyalty to her friend "the best girl power".

One tweeted: "Maura throwing the wine glass over her shoulder in utter disgust is the kind of friend we all need."

Another wrote: "Maura really out here sacrificing her wine for her girls is the best girl power on tv #LoveIsland."

A third shared: "Maura launching her wine and telling Anna what was going on and ignoring Curtis is the level of friendship we all need in our lives."

A separate wrote: "Maura was definitely annoyed, she dashed her wine on the floor."

While other viewers found the moment even more poignant because Maura joked about losing precious alcohol when Molly-Mae Hague fell down the stairs spilling the entire contents of her glass, which was aired on the ITV2 show's Unseen Bits.

The Love Island account shared the stumble on their official Twitter account. The post was captioned: "UNSEEN BITS: Her: You okay? Him: You okay? Them: You okay? Maura: Is the wine okay?"

After Molly took a tumble, Maura joked: "I can't believe you wasted that wine", because the Islanders are only allowed two drinks.

A separate fan tweeted: "Maura yelled at molly for wasting wine when she stacked it the other day on the stairs but literally threw it away for the drama today Hahahaha I love her #LoveIsland."

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