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LOVE Island viewers first saw a parade of sun-starved Brits shuffling into the famous villa four weeks ago – but just look at those scorched stars now.

After a month of searing Spanish heat, a strict uniform of swimwear and days of lounging about on ITV's payroll, the Islanders are now bronzed to the max.

Anton Danyluk may as well re-brand himself as Tan-ton, such is the deep shade of mahogany the once-pasty Scot has turned.

And Tommy Fury appears to have been caramelised in the night.

Among the girls, things are no different, with Molly-Mae Hague now boasting the sort of glow that would make David Dickinson jealous.

So join us as The Sun Online takes a look as how the Islanders have topped up their tans – then topped them up some more. And then some more…


Anton Danyluk

The 24-year-old lad once bragged that he had a wandering eye – and it seems it helped him wander right over to the sun lounger and left him there.

Someone get Scotland's most tanned man some After-Sun – and pronto.


Molly-Mae Hague

Our picture makes it look like someone's turned the lights off in the Beach Hut. But nope, that's just how fast Molly-Mae has tanned.

The 19-year-old social media 'influencer' has finally achieved an Instagram filter that's not fake – going golden brown in the villa in record time.


Tommy Fury

Boxer Tommy once had the sort of complexion you can only achieve by spending your life at an indoor gym in rain-lashed Manchester.

However, the 20-year-old athlete is now so glowing he looks practically radioactive. Somebody pass us some shades!


Maura Higgins

It's hard to know if Maura is going red from the sun – or if it's all that pent-up sexual energy she seems to have that's turning her puce.

Either way, the 28-year-old grid girl looks remarkably different from her first appearance on Love Island just a few short weeks ago.


Jordan Hames

Smiley Jordan looks glowing since he swapped Northern England for the sun-soaked Balearics where Love Island is based.

However, when he finds out what Anna's been up to with newbie Ovie, the 24-year-old model's smile isn't likely to stick around for long.


Lucie Donlan

For someone who claims to go surfing all year round, Lucie didn't have much of a tan to talk about when she came in.

However, that has very much changed – with her now sporting the sort of orange hue that would make an Oompa Loompa jealous.


Arabella Chi

She was only on the programme for about five minutes, but Arabella managed to achieve an absolutely stunning tan in that time.

The 28-year-old model went from pale to golden seemingly at the flick of a switch.


Michael Griffiths

Firefighter Michael is no stranger to the heat and he's certainly enjoyed soaking up the sun on Love Island.

Here's the 27-year-old lad looking for some respite under his own hand – or is he just keeping lookout for an angry Amber Gill?


Amy Hart

Her days as a globe-trotting air hostess didn't gift Amy much of a tan – but her long shift in ITV's sun-and-scandal factory certainly has.

The 27-year-old former beauty queen now resembles a flamingo with sun-burn, the poor thing.


Danny Williams

What's better than a life as a jet-setting international model? Literally lounging around in the Spanish heat for a job, that's what.

Danny, 21, is certainly showing the benefit of having the sort of sun-drenched experience he could never have got back home in Hull.


Amber Gill

No-nonsense Amber always claims she doesn't take herself too seriously, but her sun-lounger routine seems pretty rigorous.

The Geordie beauty technician, 21, has been left glowing after a month in the villa.



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Curtis Pritchard

Not all the stars have tanned at quite the same pace though – with Curtis merely turning a slightly brighter shade of pink.

That's probably down to the 23-year-old dancer's devotion to the Factor 50 sun cream that almost everyone else appears to to have avoided like the plague. Good lad.

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