Love Island's Curtis WILL get Amy back after Jourdan 'blip' and win the show, claims cousin who denies he's a 'game-player'

LOVE Island star Curtis Pritchard will get back with Amy Hart and win the show despite suffering a "blip" over new girl Jourdan Riane, claims his cousin.

James Walker, 26, believes the 23-year-old will eventually be forgiven for having his head briefly turned.

He also denied the ballroom dancer is a "game-player" after shocking fans by admitting he'd been lying to Amy all along.

"It's been a bit of a roller coaster," James told The Sun Online.

"Seeing what happened was a bit of a shock to me, but it's normal for relationships to have ups and downs.

"It's not nice to see him upset, but I'm certain they'll get back together. I think it's just a blip.

"It didn't help that as part of the show's tasks he had to kiss somebody else, but it wasn't like he cheated.

"He'll be feeling really upset with himself for hurting Amy because he's a very caring person. He's a people-pleaser. He'll feel very guilty.

"He definitely isn't playing a game. I can see them being together when they get out."

Amy was seen sobbing in last night's episode as half-boyfriend Curtis explained he'd been tempted to couple up with Jourdan before being rejected.

The air stewardess was left devastated at discovering she was his "back up plan" after falling in love with the dancer.

She's since been offered psychological support to deal with the emotional upset.

James said: "From day one, I thought 'yes, that's the one' as soon as I saw Amy and Curtis together.

"If it was all plain-sailing people would be saying they're too perfect. It's probably a good thing it's happened now.

"I'm confident the public will still back him because they'll be on his side.

"He's got a good chance of winning, he's so entertaining."

In a teaser for tonight's show, Amy is seen giving Curtis an ultimatum as she begs him to decide if he wants to be with her or not.

Unfortunately for the couple, Jourdan remains in the villa after coupling up with Danny.

"Jourdan will be a daily reminder," James admits.

"Amy and Curtis have got to keep their distance from her for a while and focus on themselves, not think about what she's doing.


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"He'll try to woo Amy off her feet again. He'll be grown up about the situation and explain they can get over this and get stronger. It's just a bump in the road, these things happen.

"You can see how much Amy likes him, even now, she's just on the defence right now.

"I'm sure she will forgive him. I think she'll be besotted by him again. It might take a little while building that trust back up, but he'll get there.

"I have so much belief in them that they are a great couple."

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