Love Island’s Kaila Troy debates DJ job after raking in thousands from OnlyFans

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Love Island star Kaila Troy has revealed that she has made enough money on OnlyFans to quit her job as a DJ.

Blonde bombshell Kaila went into Casa Amor midway through last year's series to see if she could find a man.

She seemed to have an interest with Teddy Soares, but couldn't tempt him away from Faye Winter.

As a result, she was dumped from the island after just three days.

But now, the LA-based DJ has revealed she's made enough from subscription service OnlyFans to jack in her job as a DJ.

She had been scouted by OnlyFans bosses to help "change the narrative" of the platform, which is best known for x-rated activities.

Kaila has claimed the money she makes from the app is much more than what she makes as a DJ and that the site has changed her life forever.

Kaila told Dublin Live: “Looking back I didn’t understand it (OnlyFans), I knew it had potential so that’s why I got on the platform. I didn’t understand how much money you can make.

“I knew I'd move forward and progress but I didn't realise how much money would come in from it. It’s funny that I don't even have to DJ if I don’t want to.

“That platform makes way much more money than I ever did DJing."

Kaila also told the publication she'd love to return home, but feels there isn't enough opportunities for people like her in the Irish capital to warrant it.

“Growing up in Ireland, I had to block out a lot of noise too. I feel a lot of people try to put you down and it was happening a lot to me because I dreamed big and wanted to do something different – people were quick to put you down. It’s very sad.

“I would love to be back home, I feel more comfortable there,

“I love being in the States but when I’m home it’s my comfort, I'm around my people, we understand each other's lingo.

“The only thing is, there’s not many opportunities for me work wise at home. I feel like it’s going more pubs than clubs in Dublin. It’s nice to have the clubs there."

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