Love Island’s Lucie and Joe throw shade at Amy as they plot to kick out pals

Things get ruthless in the Love Island villa tonight as each of the couples are forced to vote for the pair they think are the least compatible.

The two couples with the most votes risk being dumped from the villa.

Tension between Amy and Lucie is clearly still heavy as Lucie and Joe discuss who could vote them out of the villa.

Speaking about who the strongest couples are, surfer Lucie says as they sit on the beanbags: "I would say that Curtis and Amy and me and you are the strongest couples in here. I would have said that for sure."

But Joe isn't convinced that the pair are loyal.

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"Bet they would have voted for us, definitely," he says.

Lucie also throws shade at Amy, saying: "Curtis wouldn't do that."

Meanwhile Molly-Mae fears that she and Tommy are in danger of being booted out.

“I do think we’re a bit in trouble. I think there will definitely be people picking us," she says.

Meanwhile Tommy says: "We have had our moments but you can’t really say we’re not compatible."

Once the couples decide they have to text the names of the two couples they deem the least compatible.

Which couples are in danger?

*Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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