Married At First Sight UK: Alexis confronts Megan over kissing ex-husband Jordon

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Married At First Sight UK’s Alexis Economou confronted contestant Megan Wolfe about her kissing ex Jordon Mundell after re-entering the show on Tuesday’s episode.

The model reappeared with Ant Poole as a new pairing after connecting at the first married couples’ dinner, to the cast’s happy surprise.

Megan seemed more anxiously shocked however, after her last frosty exchange with Alexis when she was exposed at the commitment ceremony to have kissed her ex Jordan Mundell.

After greeting their fellow contestants, Alexis pulled Megan aside for a much-needed chat to discuss what had gone down.

“Obviously, the way that it came out was not how I wanted it to, it was really difficult,” Megan said.

“I would have so much preferred if you have told me, rather than him tell me because I feel like he had one up (on me),” replied Alexis.

“I could see all that playing out,” added Megan. “I was kicking myself.”

“If you would have told me, we could have been like f*ck him!’ Alexis continued, referring to ex Jordon, before adding:

“I’m over it. We move on – as long as you don’t take Ant off me, We’re good!”

The women were able to laugh off what had transpired and enjoy the rest of the second dinner together with the cast.

Megan posted a message online after being hit with hateful comments when her kiss with Jordan aired on TV.

‘It’s been and gone… I understand it’s happening now for you, but not for us,” she said.

“Your comments are both damaging and potentially triggering to Bob & I.

“I have taken responsibility for my actions, owned the situation and apologised profusely as you will see in the coming episodes.”

It has been a tumultuous journey for model Alexis on the show from the moment she was paired with Jordan at the altar.

Arguing throughout their honeymoon abroad, Alexis was hit with the bombshell returning home to the UK that Jordan had kissed Megan soon after.

This led to an emotional breakdown from Megan’s husband on the show, Robert Voysey, along with furious comments towards the cheating pair from a hurt Alexis, leaving both her and Megan in tears.

It appears though Alexis’ journey on MAFS has finally rerouted onto a pleasant one, as she enjoys an affluent new relationship with fellow contestant Ant, 28.

Ant, who was previously paired with booted off Nikita Jasmine, showed clear attraction to Alexis upon meeting her at the first dinner among the married couples.

After a few flirty exchanges between the two, the pair realised they wished to embark on the experiment together, bringing this suggestion to the MAFS experts who granted their blessings.

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