Masked Dancer fans gobsmacked as Bonnie Langford, 56, does splits as Squirrel

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Masked Dancer fans were left in awe of Bonnie Langford during Saturday evening’s grand finale, as she did the splits in a spectacular farewell performance.

The Doctor Who star, 56, was unmasked as Squirrel, making it to the final two before losing out to Olympic gymnast Louis Smith as Carwash.

Judges on the show had been far off with their guesses – names like Corrie’s Michelle Keegan and EastEnders’ Maisie Smith got mentioned on several occasions.

When Bonnie removed her Squirrel mask, each of the judges felt their jaws drop, as they praised her extraordinary ability as a dancer.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, viewers were left doing a double-take, with many wishing they shared her ability to do the splits with such great ease.

One wrote: "Now were all asking Alexa how old is Bonnie Langford????!!!! Bloody hell , how amazing was she !! #MaskedDancerUK."

"How was squirrel Bonnie Langford? She’s 56 years old! Smashing it like an 18 yr old, leg tilts, jump splits, developpes etc. I said four days ago she was a trained. Love it," added a second.

And a third penned: "Bonnie Langford is 56 and can do the drop splits and get her ankle up around her ear hole and here I am at 37 and I can't even touch my damn toes."

"Bonnie Langford doing the splits and high kicks at her age, while I get out of breath opening a packet of crisps."

After her reveal, Bonnie opened up about her experience on the show, admitting she was thrilled to be designated the Squirrel costume.

"She’s cute and sassy. I think she has a soft nature but acts big because she’s small. She’s feisty and fun," she said, and described her signature poses as "her wobbly head and swirling her tail".

Bonnie's dancing accomplishments go way back – she used to feature as a dancer on The Hot Shoe Show in the mid-eighties, appearing alongside Wayne Sleep.

In 2006, she competed in the first-ever series of Dancing On Ice, trying out her moves in a pair of skates with figure skater Matt Evers.

The years that followed saw Bonnie grace a series of productions in the West End and Broadway, lending her flair for dance to the world of theatrics.

When asked why she decided to sign up for Masked Dancer, Bonnie mused: "Why not! I love the Masked Singer and this seemed even more crazy."

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