Mick dumps Janine as Linda makes him re-think his future in EastEnders?

Nobody knows EastEnders’ Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) as well as his ex-wife Linda (Kellie Bright). That’s just a fact. Together since their youth, the two shared decades of married life together, bringing up their children and apparently being an inseparable unit.

And then they separated. Cracks began to show after Mick struggled to cope with the abuse he suffered as a child. Linda turned to Max Branning (Jake Wood) for comfort and conceived baby Annie.

Following Annie’s birth she and Mick gradually drifted apart, and when Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) set her sights on Mick his fate seemed sealed.

But since Linda’s return to Albert Square, it seems that everyone agrees that Mick might be with Janine, but his heart will always be with Linda. As EastEnders’ boss Chris Clenshaw told us, ‘We all know how strong the bond is between Mick and Linda and the love between them runs really really deep.’

Linda knows this too, and in upcoming episodes she gently checks in on Mick, making him wonder whether he’s made the right decision in pledging his future to Janine.

Obviously the answer to this is ‘no,’ but while Mick seems determined to stick with Janine – who is, after all, pregnant with his child – Linda’s words have at least made him think. Which has got to be a good thing, right?

Unless you’re Janine, of course.

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