'NCIS': 10 Best Ziva And Tony Moments

Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and Tony (Michael Weatherly) shared plenty of amazing moments during their time on NCIS. Although their romance was a slow burn, they eventually hooked up and even had a child together. Everything changed, of course, when Ziva moved back to Israel and everyone thought she died in a bombing raid. With Ziva set to return to NCIS in epic fashion in Season 17, here is a look at the 10 best Ziva and Tony moments through the years.

10. Ziva first meets Tony

Ziva made her first appearance on NCIS in the Season 3 premiere, “Kill Ari: Part 1.” She arrived atthe bullpen to talk to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) about the Ari situation when shediscovered Tony fantasizing about Kate. The exchange was a little awkwardthough it did not take long before Ziva showed off her impressive detectiveskills, telling Tony his entire background will little hesitation.

9. Married Assassins

According to NCIS Fan Wiki, Tony and Ziva had their first big assignment together when they went undercover to a luxury hotel. Their backstory was that they were married assassins and they were more than willing to play the part. Aside from an epic make-out scene, this is the first mention of Ziva’s nickname, sweet cheeks. Ziva also started calling Tony, “my little hairy butt,” which is pretty amazing.

8. Trapped together

Tony and Ziva got trapped together on a number of differentoccasions, but few were as memorable as the time they were stuck inside ashipping container. In the Season 3 episode, “Boxed In,” the agents got into a gunfightand were forced to take cover in a shipping container. At one point, Tony gotextra cozy with Ziva to protect her from the flying bullets, a move that earnedhim a free dinner date.

7. Teaming up

As agents of NCIS, Tony and Ziva had plenty of opportunitiesto work together on cases. Fans would be hard pressed to forget the time theyflew to Los Angeles to protect their director, Jenny Shepard. They also enjoyeda trip to Paris, where they got the chance to open up about their relationshipstatus.

6. Stuck in an elevator

NCIS ended Season9 with a major cliffhanger after a terrorist placed a bomb inside the team’sheadquarters. In the season finale, “Til’ Death Do Us Part,” the bomb situationgot Tony and Ziva stuck inside an elevator. Although the circumstances werestressful, it gave them some quality alone time that fans will never forget.

5. Tony deals with heartache

Tony experienced some hard times in the Season 5 episode of NCIS, “Bury Your Dead and Family.” Tonyhad just split up from Jeanne and was having a difficult time moving past it.Fortunately, Ziva was on hand to give him some much needed emotional supportand a shoulder to lean on.

4. Ziva almost dies

In Season 7, Ziva experienced a close brush with death thatinvolved a boating accident. For a time, Tony believed that Ziva had perishedin the wreck and was bent on getting revenge. After being administered sometruth serum, Tony confessed that he could not live without Ziva.

3. Tony and Ziva go to Germany

When Ziva got some information about the man who killed herdad, she and Tony flew to Germany to track the killer down. The trip, whichhappened in Season 10, featured some very intimate scenes between thecharacters. Their adventure came to a conclusion when Tony reached out to grabZiva’s hand following a car accident.

2. Ziva’s final moments

De Pablo announced her departure from NCIS in Season 11. Her storyline ended after she decided to leave the United States for Israel. With Ziva missing in action, Tony traveled to Israel in an attempt to track her down. He would learn a few seasons later that he and Ziva share a child.

1. Ziva and Tony’s future reunion

Ziva made a surprise return in the Season 16 finale of NCIS. The character appeared to Gibbs towarn him about an impending threat. We do not know where the series plans totake Ziva next season, but there are rumors that she might reunite with Tony atsome point.

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