'No Demo Reno' Host Jenn Todryk Almost Said No to HGTV

Jenn Todryk of No Demo Reno is one of the most popular new hosts on HGTV.

The bubbly, vivacious redhead has a true talent for transforming outdated homes while doing minimal demolition. That’s the whole point of the show. But besides just interior design skills, viewers are drawn to Todryk for her enthusiasm and pep.

But those fans almost missed out on the opportunity to know her at all. Todryk, who’s best known for her popular Instagram account The Rambling Redhead, recently recounted how she came close to turning down her chance to be on HGTV and host No Demo Reno.

HGTV fans love the simplicity of ‘No Demo Reno’

Watching HGTV shows can inspire a lot of inspiration, especially with shocking before and after shots. However, those massive — and massively expensive — renovations aren’t practical for most people. That’s part of what makes No Demo Reno so compelling.

Todryk has the incredible skill to improve outdated interiors without ripping down every wall. Her most common upgrades include simple cosmetic swaps like paint color, flooring, and staging. She’s also known for reconfiguring kitchens without gutting them, like when she changes a two-tiered countertop to a cohesive flat surface.

Jenn Todryk almost turned down her own HGTV show

The No Demo Reno host explained that she almost had a show for a different production company, which is what made her skeptical to accept the call from HGTV scouts when they called.

“They wanted me to shoot some video for them, and basically, it was going to be me and a friend doing home decorating. But the problem was they wanted us to film us working with clients. So me and my friend were going to decorate homes. We even went out and got an estimate of someone’s house and did a whole consultation,” Todryk told DFW Child, according to Heavy.

“Then I get pregnant, and I’m like, ‘This just isn’t meant to be. I’m creating a business that I’m not even doing, technically, which didn’t seem authentic to me. I told my friend, I’m so sorry, but I can’t do it.’”

The ‘No Demo Reno’ star took a chance on a new show

With a successful blog and a growing family, the redheaded host was hesitant to take the plunge with HGTV. But she ultimately decided the opportunity was too good to pass up. It was just one month after that first attempt that the popular home network made their offer.

“I’m like, What is happening?! So, I’m like, OK, fine. I’ll jump on a phone call, even though I knew I wasn’t going to do it. I just got pregnant,” Todryk continued. The major difference was HGTV was willing to “find the clients for her” and take care of all the details.

“It was from the very beginning quick, easy, painless. I just felt like God made it too easy. He was like, ‘Here, dummy. I’m trying to get your attention.’ It was a sign, and I did it, and it’s been great,’” the No Demo Reno star said.

And she’s so happy she did. “I’m very thankful and blessed to like have the opportunity to do that and have a husband that supports me and who wants to do it too,” Todryk concluded.

Catch new episodes of No Demo Reno on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on HGTV and streaming on discovery+.

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