Paul Rudd Wins 'Conan' Farewell Tour With One Final 'Mac and Me' Troll (Video)

And he wasn’t even a guest

Tony Maglio

“We went out there to do it at dress. And I did the voice,” Hader told Conan. “But Paul, for some reason, would not do the voice. And I don’t understand why Paul decided not do it.”

Cue Rudd’s entrance. The tux was a nice touch.

Rudd denied Hader’s accusation.

“Bill’s memory is very hazy,” Rudd told O’Brien. “Now I might not be a trained monkey boy like your man over here with the voices, but if I remember correctly, I did do the voice. The reason the sketch didn’t work is that it was terrible. We were standing around, both of us as Ed Burns, just talking about our Pop and grilling meat.”

Hader protested.

We thought it was funny, but it was a construct– it was an idea that didn’t fly,” Rudd continued. “In fact, and this is true, Lorne [Michaels] said in his the history of the show, it was the worst received sketch of all time.”

“We did it at dress and it didn’t get– not one laugh. Not ONE,” Rudd said. “Thankfully, they actually do film the dress rehearsal. If you would like to see the sketch…”

Cue major audience applause. And then cue the “sketch,” which of course just turned out to be Rudd’s favorite scene from 1988’s “Mac and Me.”

Rudd has been getting O’Brien with that Mac-roll for literal decades. And he wasn’t done yet. Watch the video above to see how Rudd doubled-up his trolling this time.

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