Phillip Schofield brands government's new three tier lockdown system 'stupid'

Phillip Schofield launched into a rant on Monday’s This Morning after he branded the government’s new potential three tier lockdown system ‘stupid’.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to announce today what the new system will mean for the UK, after the lockdown lifts on December 2.

Mr Johnson will set out plans for a strengthened system to pave the way for a limited relaxation at Christmas.

According to reports, pubs and restaurants will face the harshest of the new measures with businesses in the new system only allowed to offer takeaways, while those in Tier two must serve food with any drinks.

Speaking with TV host Matthew Wright and broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer about pubs re-opening, Phillip called the new rules ‘stupid’, as he questioned why you have to eat in a pub just so you can have an alcoholic drink.

‘What the hell does that mean?’ Phillip raged.

‘That you won’t just be able to have a drink outside, you’ll have to have it with food,’ Matthew replied.

Phillip continued: ‘That’s stupid.’

‘It’s an extraordinary clever virus,’ Julia weighed in

‘It knows when it’s Christmas or not and it knows whether or not you’re eating a packet of crisps or eating a pie with chips on the side when you’re having a pint.

‘A lot of this is nonsense, again a lot of the evidence that people are getting the virus in pubs and restaurants actually the evidence is there was only two per cent of cases in pubs and restaurants.’

‘If that is true, then that’s what pushes people over the edge,’ Phillip added.

‘We’ll do as we’re told to protect everybody, but when you come up with silly a**e rules like that, then that makes no sense.’

‘I agree,’ Matthew chipped in. ‘And it changes that’s the thing, we say this today but by tomorrow afternoon it could be a different story.’

It has also been reported that all non-essential shops and gyms will able to re-open after December 2.

Cinemas will be allowed to re-open in England for places in tier one and two, and midnight mass and Christingle services will be permitted in all three tiers.

Mr Johnson will set out the basis of plans to allow a small number of households across the UK to mix over a limited number of days around Christmas but is not expected to be in a position to give the specifics.

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