Piers Morgan shares rare childhood snap with his younger siblings and jokes they were 'a cheeky bunch of little scamps'

PIERS Morgan has shared a rare childhood snap with his younger siblings – joking they were "a cheeky bunch of little scamps".

The nostalgic family photo would have been taken when the outspoken star was around seven years old.

In the pic, the former Good Morning Britain host is accompanied by his two brothers, Jeremy and Rupert, and little sister Charlotte.

The foursome perched precariously on a bench, with Morgan gripping onto his adorable baby brother.

The star wears a striped polo shirt in the snap and a grey cap decorated with badges.

The gang, including the now infamous Piers, 56, smile sweetly for the camera – and Piers bears a remarkable resemblance to his own daughter Elise Morgan.

 One fan agreed and wrote: "Adorable! Elise might have liked your cap!"

Another said: "Is there a likeness in that picture of you and your daughter"

The snap came as Piers continued his criticism of Meghan Markle.

He recently demanded Meghan name those in Buckingham Palace who she claimed turned their backs on her when she was suicidal.

Interviewed in the US by Fox's Tucker Carlson, Piers said Prince Harry's wife had accused two people of being "unspeakably cruel".

He added: "If that is true, let's have the names of these people and let's go to them and ask them, 'Is this true?'

"Did you tell a suicidal woman, who told you she was suicidal, not to get help?' because I find that impossible to believe."

Morgan quit Good Morning Britain after refusing to apologise for saying he did not believe Meghan's TV claims to Oprah Winfrey.

He told Carlson that Meghan and Harry's chat contained 17 allegations that "have now been proven to be either completely untrue or massively exaggerated, or unprovable".

He added: "It's not really about Meghan Markle she's a delusional duchess who wants to make millions off the royals while trashing family. It's really about free speech."

He also insisted in a recent column for Mail Online that he was not making light of Meghan attesting to have had suicidal thoughts while in the royal family, but doubted her claim that she was told by court officials not to seek help.

He said it is outrageous that Sharon Osbourne has now quit US show The Talk as she was "driven out for the crime of defending me" against her colleague who said Morgan was racist "simply because I disbelieve Meghan Markle".

But he said what had happened to him and Sharon Osbourne – who has been forced to leave her role as a panelist on CBS show The Talk – "isn't really about Ms Markle".

"She (Meghan) is just one of many whiny, privileged, hypocritical celebrities who now cynically exploit victimhood to suppress free speech, value their own version of the truth above the actual truth, and seek to cancel anyone that deviates from their woke world view or who dares to challenge the veracity of their inflammatory statements," Morgan wrote.

"No, it's about a far bigger issue than one delusional duchess, and that's everyone's right to be free to express our honestly held opinions, forcefully and passionately if we feel like it."

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