Quentin Tarantino Accepts Palm Dog Award For Best Cannes Canine Performance In ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’

Quentin Tarantino made a surprise appearance at today’s Palm Dog awards in Cannes, the annual celebration of the best dog performances in the Cannes selection. His film, Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood, features blockbuster bowser Brandy, owned by Brad Pitt’s Cliff Booth character in the film.

First awarded by journalist Toby Rose in 2001, inspired by his own French Fox Terrier Muttley, the Palm Dog has become an annual treat on the penultimate day of the Cannes Film Festival. Now in its 19th year, the award to Tarantino had been long coveted by the director. “I have to say I am so honored to have this,” Tarantino said in a barnstorming speech on stage as he accepted the golden collar bestowed on the winner. “I’ve told everybody, I have no idea if we’re going to win the Palme d’Or. I feel no entitlement. But I did feel that I was in good standing to win the Palm Dog. So I want to dedicate this to my wonderful actress Brandy. She has brought the Palm Dog home to America.”

Rose commented, “It was the pooch peak of Palm Dog to welcome Tarantino to the stage, and an unbelievable endorsement of the awards. Brandy delivered an amazing performance, appreciated by Tarantino, who told me he totally admired Brady’s commitment to role.”

The jury deciding on the Palm Dog winner comprised The Telegraph’s Tim Robey, The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw, author Wendy Mitchell, Girls On Film podcast host Anna Smith, Italian journalist Rita di Santo, the i’s Kaleem Aftab and, from Deadline, Awardsline editor Joe Utichi and contributor Damon Wise. Other prizes were awarded to the canine performers in Little Joe and Aasha and the Street Dogs (the latter a market title; both shared the Grand Jury Prize); the Palm Dogmanitarian prize to Google for their support of dogs in the workplace; and the Underdog award for The Unadoptable.

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