Ryan Gosling Responds to Marvel Rumors: ‘Waiting for the Captain Canada Call’

Ryan Gosling may have tapped into his “Ken-ergy” for upcoming “Barbie” film, but the Oscar nominee is more focused on Mattel than Marvel.

During an interview with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz (below), Gosling shut down rumors of being linked to play MCU superhero Nova, also known as Richard Rider in the comics.

“I don’t know anything about Nova, if that’s what you’re going to ask me,” Gosling told Horowitz when asked how many comic book hero roles he’s turned down over the years.

He continued, “It doesn’t matter. I wasn’t right for it. But I would love to do it. It’s just, what’s the one? I was waiting for the Captain Canada call.” (There is, in fact, a Captain Canada superhero, who originates from a 1970s comic series created out of Newfoundland.)

The “Gray Man” actor is currently eying a Netflix franchise based on Mark Greaney’s nine-novel series, with writer/directors Joe and Anthony Russo hoping to build out the spy caper character franchise. “This one is tough because there are nine books, I think,” Gosling added. “And I will be a ‘Gray Man’ if I do all of them.”

As for Gosling joining the MCU anytime soon, “Happy Sad Confused” podcast host Horowitz tweeted that Gosling later clarified that he would want to play Ghost Rider at some point.

“Ryan and I chatted about the Nova rumors yesterday which he said aren’t true,” Horowitz wrote. “BUT this morning Ryan reached out to me to say there is one superhero he wants to play…GHOST RIDER.”

Gosling’s real-life partner Eva Mendes starred in the two “Ghost Rider” films opposite Nicholas Cage, who portrayed the titular cursed antihero.

“La La Land” alum Gosling, if serious, would be among the new crop of A-listers dipping into the MCU family, with Oscar winners Charlize Theron, Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, and Emmy winner Brett Goldstein gearing up for the next generation of superhero installments.

The upcoming “Fantastic Four” movie is still yet to announce its cast after director Jon Watts pulled out of the project and John Krasinski portrayed Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”

As for Gosling’s upcoming projects, the father of two could only tell MTV News, “I have kids now. I know, like, why I’m doing it now and whom I’m doing it for, so that changes things.”

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