SEAL Team season 5: Blackburn to lead team in Eastern Europe as fans tip Mandy comeback

SEAL Team: CBS teases season finale of show

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The CBS military drama will soon be making its highly anticipated return to screens after the season four finale ended in May. Fans are eager to learn the fate of their favourite characters after the SEAL Team’s shocking end – and viewers are convinced season five will see the return of Mandy Ellis (played by Jessica Paré)

Taking to Reddit, a hopeful fan posted: “So the team finishes a practice assault lead by LT. Soto, after cooling off the team shuffles into the briefing room.

“Captain Lindal and who else but Mandy Ellis are waiting for them – Mandy begins her briefing.

“As a result of their experience in Africa, Bravo Team is being assigned to a joint CIA-JSOC task force, a Special Access Program designed to counter Russian influence around the world.

“They’re told that the operation will involve targeted killings and covert strikes against Russian mercenaries around the world and covert reconnaissance against FSB operations.

“Somebody pipes up, ‘Who’s in charge of this thing?’ and Lindal responds ‘Commander Eric Blackburn is on the ground in Kiev making arrangements for your arrival. He’s in tactical command of the task force.’”

Mandy made her first appearance on screens in the pilot episode as a Clandestine Operations Officer for the Special Activities Division of the CIA.

She began working with the Bravo Team as an analyst and CIA Liason on their dangerous missions.

However, in season two, she was demoted from officer to interrogator after she gave up the location of a CIA asset.

Mandy’s unexpected comeback would definitely leave fans jaw-dropped as she told Bravo team leader Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) she was quitting after they returned from a tragic deployment.

Another fan agreed with the Reddit post, responding: “Definitely would love to see Mandy and Blackburn back – the show is better with them.”

Although the actress decided to step away from the role as a series regular, she returned to direct SEAL Team’s episode 10 titled A Question of Honor.

Despite the real reason for the departure never being unveiled, her character struggled to come to terms with the loss she encountered on the deployment.

Throughout the series, Eric Blackburn (Judd Lormand) was the Commanding Officer of Bravo Team until his promotion in season four when he became Commander and was assigned as Executive Officer of DEVGRU.

His departure from the series was a huge shock for fans and an unexpected one for the characters colleagues.

In season four, Blackburn announced he wouldn’t be joining them on their next deployment because of his promotion.

In response to the Reddit theory, one fan said they would be happy with only one return. “Could be interesting, I think I’m in the minority here, I’m fine without Mandy being in the show, “ they said. “It would be great to see Blackburn though.”

Thankfully, viewers only have to wait until October to see if Mandy and Black will make a surprise appearance in season five.

The upcoming instalment of SEAL Team will return as usual on CBS with only four episodes before moving to Paramount Network for the remainder of the season.

SEAL Team season 5 premieres on CBS on October 10. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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