Soap teenage pregnancies and where kids are now – Bethany Platt to Vicky Fowler

Hollyoaks teenager Ella Richardson has a huge surprise in store for boyfriend Charlie Dean during their school production, after revealing that she is pregnant.

The 14-year-olds had already talked about having a family, and it seems that their wish is about to come true, as Ella reveals a positive pregnancy test to Charlie while they're sat backstage.

Ella isn't the only teenager in Hollyoaks to have become pregnant, with other teenage characters including Cindy Cunningham and Leela Lomax all giving birth in the soap throughout the years.

There have been many teenage pregnancies in soapland, in the other soaps like Coronation Street and Emmerdale, and Daily Star looks at some of the biggest storylines, and where the children are now.

Sarah Platt – Coronation Street

Sarah Platt became Coronation Street's youngest mum at the age of 12, when she became pregnant following a relationship with school friend Neil Fearns.

In 1999, Sarah went into labour at home and later gave birth to baby Bethany, with the Platts helping Sarah to raise her daughter after Neil died in a car crash in 2003.

Baby Bethany is now all grown up and has become a regular face on the cobbles of Weatherfield, alongside mum Sarah, becoming involved in some huge storylines of her own including moving to Milan, being kidnapped and developing feelings for Daniel Osbourne.

Actress Lucy Fallon, who played Bethany when the character returned in 2015, has since left the soap but is open to returning, telling The Mirror: "I will be sad but I’m excited to see what’s going to happen in the future, although I have no idea what’s going to happen.

"When I leave I’ll have been there for five years and I’ve never done anything else, so I just want to try new things and do new things.

"But I’ll end up going back – I’ll be back."

Sonia Fowler – EastEnders

Sonia Fowler is an EastEnders legend, who has been involved in some of the soap's biggest storylines, including her teenage pregnancy with Martin Fowler's baby.

After having a one night stand with Martin, the couple agreed not to talk about it, but nine months later, Sonia went into labour on Dot Cotton's sofa – unaware that she had been pregnant in the first place.

With the help of Big Mo, Sonia gave birth to baby Chloe, who was briefly adopted and renamed Bex, before they were reunited with each other.

In recent years, Bex has been played by actress Jasmine Armfield in the soap, with Bex becoming the centre of a huge storylines, including a drug addiction and a bullying storyline.

Talking about filming the tough scenes, which saw Bex being bullied by characters including Louise Mitchell, Jasmine told This Morning: "When we’re filming, they really do scare me, it’s in their eyes.

"To watch it, even acting it, even when they edit it together, it’s distressing viewing. She wants to say something, she’s too scared."

The character last appeared in the soap in 2020 after she decided to go travelling, with Sonia telling the family that she wouldn't be home for Christmas due to staying with her new boyfriend.

Faye Windass – Coronation Street

It was just over 15 years after Sarah Platt when Coronation Street resident Faye Windass became the cobbles' second teenage mum at the age of 14.

After a secret relationship with classmate Jackson Hodge, Faye gave birth to baby Miley, but Jackson initially denied being her father.

After Jackson confessed to being Miley's father, he and his parents decided to take the baby to Canada with them, where baby Miley continues to live.

However, like many soap characters, the door could always be open for Miley to return in the future.

Faye was also one of the street's residents that teenager Amy McDonald came to for advice, after she discovered that she was pregnant in 2019.

Leela Lomax – Hollyoaks

Leela Lomax became pregnant in 2000 with baby Peri at the age of 14, by teenage sweetheart Cameron Campbell.

However, Leela's disapproving parents wanted to ensure that no one knew the truth and instead, they raised the child as their own – with Leela having to pretend that she was Peri's sister.

That wasn't all, as parents Sam and Danny also ensured that Cameron went to prison and could not see Leela or the baby.

Years later, things would take a darker turn as Cameron left prison and took his revenge on Leela's parents by killing them.

In 2015, Leela was eventually revealed as Peri's mother, but the family was about to grow, as Peri also became pregnant as a teenager by then boyfriend Tom Cunningham, giving birth to a daughter called Stephanie.

Peri is currently in a relationship with fellow Hollyoaks resident Juliet.

Michelle Fowler – EastEnders

EastEnders is known for a shocking storyline or two, and in 1985, one of its earliest was teenager Michelle Fowler's pregnancy.

After weeks of speculation, viewers were shocked to learn that the father of Michelle's baby was none other than Den Watts – garnering him the name of "Dirty Den" that would stay with the character for life.

Michelle gave birth to baby Vicky, who never knew that Den was her father, until she overheard the bombshell revelation while Sharon and Grant Mitchell were talking.

She left the square to move to the USA with her mum in 1995, before returning in 2003, where she became pregnant by Spencer Moon and met her dad for the first time.

Vicky left the square again in 2004, and the character is known to have reunited with Spencer Moon in Australia, where they run a bar.

Debbie Dingle – Emmerdale

Debbie Dingle isn't Emmerdale's first teenage parent, as it was revealed that Charity Dingle had became pregnant as a teenager by Cain in the soap years before, later giving birth to Debbie.

After a brief relationship with Andy Sugden, Debbie gave birth to their baby in a shed at the age of 15, but struggled to bond with her daughter.

However, Debbie later bonded with her with some support from the Dingles, with Sarah Sugden becoming a regular character in the soap since 2005.

Sarah has been played by five different actresses in that time, with Katie Hill playing the character since 2017, and since the character was introduced to the soap, she has been involved in storylines including her diagnosis with a rare genetic disease, battling cancer and undergoing a heart transplant.

Bridget Parker – Neighbours

Neighbours had one of its first teenage pregnancy storylines in 2008, when Erinsborough resident Bridget Parker became pregnant.

The shock revelation came when Donna, Rachel and Bridget all took pregnancy tests, with Bridget's confirming that she was having a baby with boyfriend Declan Napier.

Declan initially ran away after fearing he would not be able to cope with having a baby, but since returned and proposed to Bridget.

Bridget also considered giving the baby up for adoption, but later decided to keep her and baby India was born a little while later.

However, tragedy struck one year later when Bridget was injured in a car accident, and having had a premonition about her own death while recovering in hospital, she died soon afterwards.

Baby India was then taken to Bridget's hometown of Oakey with her family, and the character has not been seen onscreen since.

However, previous characters such as Sky Bishop have returned, so it could be a possibility that India returns to Erinsborough in the future.

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