Stacey Solomon tricks Joe Swash into wearing matching jumpers even though he HATES it

STACEY Solomon revealed she pulled a hilarious pranks on her long-term partner Joe Swash and tricked him into wearing matching jumpers.

The 31-year-old couldn't stop giggling as she explained her rib-tickling trickery on her Instagram Stories yesterday.

Speaking to her camera, the Loose Women star was seen wearing a white cable knit rollneck as she explained her and Joe's matching satorial choice.

She began: "So was in the showers and he was like, 'Bubs grab me a jumper'.

"I saw my opportunity and I took it," the former X Factor star said before panning the camera to Joe, 38, who was clad in a similar white cable knit jumper.

Shaking his head, the former EastEnders actor responded: "She knows I hate matching honestly".

Their matching ensembles come a day after Stacey revealed she and Joe had their first festive row – over a huge Christmas sleigh.

The hilarious pair were seen having a seasonal tiff as Stacey discussed 'Sleigh Day' while Joe was busy in the bath.

The bubbly star said: "Just sat in the bathroom trying to hurry up Joe."

The I'm A Celeb alum responded: "Listen, don't try and hurry me up. Every time you have a bath you put the flowers out, candles out, you're in here for about three hours…"

"I don't have a bath on Sleigh Day, do I? she argued. To which Joe barked back: "It's not a real day!"

His comment left Stacey laughing: "It is a real day!"

Keeping fans up to date on 'Sleigh Day', Stacey posted a picture on the way to pick up the goods.

She wrote: "Finally out and on our way to pick up a sleigh. Happy Sleigh Day!"

Then back at home, she told followers: "Current situation. We're back and straight out into the garden. They're so excited my heart is physically hurting!

"The best Saturday afternoons are spent with them. Love you boys. They were so happy when they finished all the reindeer bits."

But the perfectionist had to add her craftsmanship to the creation: "Not going to lie, I did have to go over every bit again.

"Can't deal with the streaks but they loved it so much and I couldn't stop smiling the whole time."

Telling fans about the reindeer, she said: "I searched high and low for these as lots were too big and really expensive…

"Well, half way there at least. We need to finish antlers and base and then add some special finishing touches and they'll be ready to go out the front.

"So many of you are like, Stace, they look more like dogs than reindeer but it's because their antlers aren't on yet!"

Yesterday Stacey was in tears of laughter after being called a 'cheapskate' by a social media troll.

The doting mum has children Zach and Leighton from previous relationships, while Joe has son Harry, 13, with ex Emma Sophocleous, 35 – but Stacey doesn’t try to pretend that everything is easy all of the time.

“There’s no guidebook on how to make it work. You’ve just got to hang in there if you really love somebody, even if it’s difficult with the children.

"Keep loving each other and keep loving the kids and that’s all you can do."

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