The Bay viewers baffled by string of glaring police blunders – but did you spot them?

THE Bay viewers have been left baffled by a string of glaring police blunders in the ITV drama.

The second series once again follows family liaison officer Lisa Armstrong as she works on a new murder case.

Despite being demoted and on probation after her actions in series one, Lisa still finds herself involved in the new case which saw a man killed on his doorstep.

Stephen Marshbrook (Stephen Tompkinson) was shot dead at point blank range by a delivery driver, with the only witness being his 10-year-old son.

But as the Lisa and her colleagues investigate the death across the series – which is available as a boxset on ITV Hub as well as airing weekly on ITV – viewers couldn't help but notice an array of blunders.

Taking to Twitter, viewers pointed out a number of moments that wouldn't happen in a real life police investigation.

One wrote: "Why do none of the police in #TheBay lock their computer screens when away from their desks? It’s driving mad!"

Another added: "Lets advertise the safe house by arriving in a police car and an armed officer! Really?"

A third tweeted: "Watching the second series of #TheBay Am I the only one that thinks the writing is poor and they definitely need a new police advisor.

"So unrealistic. Its a shame as there are some fabulous actors in it."

Others took issue with the fact the force is called West Lancashire Police, when Morecombe – where the show is set – is actually in North Lancashire.

Despite this, many viewers were still able to enjoy the drama, with one writing on Twitter: "Just finished @ITV#TheBay Brilliant once again. Thank you all."

Another wrote: "Was determined to have an early night but instead binge watched S2 of #TheBay It is so good!!"

A third added: "Literally watched both series one after the other. Bloody brilliant. Is there gonna be a series 3?"

The Bay continues on Wednesday, February 3 at 9pm on ITV, with all episodes available on ITV Hub.

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