The Devil’s Hour star opens up on working with ‘chilling’ co-star

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The Devil’s Hour has been airing on Amazon Prime Video and the series follows Lucy, a social worker who experiences strange visions in her sleep. Her son Isaac is also known to show strange behaviour at night and there is something eerie about the child. Jessica Raine spoke to and other press about working with the rising star.

Benjamin Chivers makes his acting debut in The Devil’s Hour and his character Isaac is emotionally troubled.

His mother has never seen him smile, or look sad, and his blank expression sets her on edge.

She takes her son to a psychologist when Isaac starts seeing people who are not there, claiming they are talking to him.

He is also known to enter trances and is unable to give an explanation of what happened.

Call the Midwife actress Jessica Raine spoke at a question and answer session at the show’s premiere about working with Benjamin, who was only eight years old at the time of filming.

She said: “I think in this series, amongst the very complex, high-concept drama, the nugget of it is a mother’s love for her son.

“So the casting of Isaac was crucial because he had to be creepy. But he’s not just a blank in this, you want to know more.

“So we auditioned and it was pretty clear pretty quickly that Benji was our guy.

“He was chilling from the get-go but I’m very pleased to say a well-adjusted young man in real life.

“But that made it more weird because ‘action’ would be called and this screen would come down and Isaac would appear and it would be fantastic to act with, and then it would lift and Benji would be back.

“It was useful because this is his debut and he would ask members of the crew ‘What do you do?’ so a lot of questions got answered for me because of Benji, he’s stunning.”

Lucy is an extraordinary character who is completely frazzled with so much on her plate.

She has a huge responsibility with her son and has to stay strong for him.

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On why she took the role, Jessica said: “I just felt like this is an intimidating role and that was a huge reason to do it, I wanted the challenge.”

She added: “What I admire about her so much is that she keeps on trying to get to work out what’s going on.

“I don’t think it’s a given that if your child was like that you’d stick around – because you get nothing back.

“The fact that she tirelessly keeps trying I found really moving.”

She reminisced on what it was like bonding with Benji when he first joined the cast.

The star said: “I’ve worked with kids before and I have a son so I was really mindful that this is Benji’s first job.

“We did the chemistry read together and it was pretty instant – he was terrifying.

“But what’s lovely about Benji is he is just an actor. I can’t explain it any other way.”

Benji has already gone on to land his second role in the series Lockwood and Co, and he is due to star in Napoleon. Both projects are in post-production.

The Devil’s Hour airs on Amazon Prime Video.

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