The Mandalorian fans 'in floods of tears' as frog alien reunited with partner – but still haven't forgiven Baby Yoda

THE Mandalorian fans are besides themselves as the frog alien and her babies are reunited with her husband.

Disney+ viewers were "crying" within minutes of the latest episode of the Star Wars spinoff, especially after getting mad with 'Baby Yoda' for eating her eggs.

The second episode of season two saw Mando (Pedro Pascal) and The Child – aka Baby Yoda – escort the 'Frog Lady' and her harvested eggs to a safer planet.

Frog Lady carried her unfertilised eggs in a portable tank which she happily loaded onto her back in the third episode.

Mando and Yoda land safely on the planet and Frog Lady spots her husband.

She rushes over to him and the happy couple lovingly embrace.

Viewers were in a "flood of tears" as they watched the romantic reunion.

"I never thought I’d be so happy to see frogs hug, but here I am, crying," wrote one Twitter user.


The happy moment comes after last week's controversy where viewers were left horrified after Baby Yoda couldn't resist sneaking over to the portable tank the Frog lady was carrying the unfertilised eggs in, popping it open, and eating some.

Mando had to tell Baby Yoda off on a number of occasions for eating more of the eggs, but the cheeky chap took no notice, much to viewers' horror.

But things got tense again in the third episode when Mando left Baby Yoda in the care of the Frog People in order to go on mission.

Viewers were worried they might try to enact revenge on The Child for eating their eggs.

They needn't have worried about him, but more the baby frog that was born while he was there.

Baby Yoda who showed his penchant for frogs in the first season, was well behaved and didn't try to eat the baby frog.

"I can’t be the only one with anxiety watching Baby Yoda with that newborn frog, surely?" wrote one Twitter user.

And another said: "Fully thought The Child was going to swallow that baby frog."

Everything worked out just fine, as The Chile loved the new baby frong.

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