The secrets of Holly Willoughby's Christmas Day, including a 5.30am alarm, booze, and a 'posh' breakfast

CONSIDERING her first name, you would expect Holly Willoughby to be fabulously festive, so news of the This Morning host’s plans for the 25th will not disappoint. 

She has shared a glimpse into her Christmas Day with husband Dan and their three children, and while we normal folk are at home in our pyjamas, she has plans for a very fancy brekky. 

Holly said: “The kids like honey or jam on toast cut into triangles to make it look a bit posh.

“Dan and I usually have smoked salmon on toast while we are opening the tree presents with a glass of Buck’s Fizz.

“All three kids run in very early, at fever pitch level of excitement, with some of them having not slept all night.

“My eldest had about an hour of sleep last year I think, so I’m hoping this year we will wake up slightly brighter than we did last year.

“But with three young children, it’s Christmas chaos with a very early start.

“We have to try and stop ourselves from opening the tree presents before breakfast because we’re all up at about 5.30am.” It sounds a bit more grown up over at Phillip Schofield’s house, where they also like to crack open a bottle of fizz for breakfast. 

He said: “Mine starts with a Buck’s Fizz at 8am or 9am. You have to set the day off correctly.

Icy sea swim

“It’s obviously quite full-on so before everyone arrives, it’s quite a good idea to front-load. And I usually opt for a bacon sarnie.”

On Boxing Day, he’ll reveal yet another side, on ITV’s All Star Musicals, performing a number from My Fair Lady.

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While Holly and Phil are busy with the fizzy, viewers won’t have to go without their daily dose of This Morning, as the duo have pre-recorded a Christmas Day special. In the show, Leona Lewis will perform her festive hit, One More Sleep, and Holly will bring Phil to tears with a touching gift. 

Elsewhere, Gino D’Acampo will cook up a festive feast and Joel Dommett will chat about The Masked Singer. Meanwhile, Dermot O’Leary will be spending Christmas morning with an icy sea swim. 

And show besties Alison Hammond and presenter Josie Gibson will be together on Christmas Day as Alison hosts. 

You can watch This Morning’s Christmas Day show tomorrow from 10am on ITV. 

BC Wise men

HERE is the first glimpse of scenes from the long-lost episode of Morecambe & Wise being screened on Christmas Day.

The footage ­– which includes sketches with the pair in bed and Eric playing a policeman ­– was found among unlabelled canisters by Eric Morecambe’s son Gary in the attic of his mother’s house. The episode turned out to be comedy duo Eric and and Ernie Wise’s first show made for BBC1, from October 8, 1970.

The Morecambe & Wise Show will be broadcast on BBC2 at 7.45pm on Christmas Day.


CORONATION Street’s Millie Gibson worked with homeless and kids’ charities for her portrayal of Kelly Neelan’s descent into addiction. 

Viewers will see the troubled teen hooked on drug Spice and sleeping rough on the soap next month.

Millie said: “It’s been very challenging and I was quite nervous to portray this. I worked with Shelter and The Children’s Society.

“It was so heartbreaking to see the situations. 

“Many are in similar positions to Kelly and another girl I found out about is seven months pregnant. It’s so sad to see children growing up in this world. There’s no justice.”

It’s another big storyline for 16-year-old Millie, who has been involved in other hard-hitting scenes this year.

She added: “I am honoured. These are all current and woke stories, teen suicide, hate crime – all very delicate.”

Could be Worz

WORZEL Gummidge is a bedraggled fella.

So scruffy Bill Bailey reckons he could have been perfect as the scarecrow who comes to life in the BBC’s festive specials on December 28 and 29. 

The comic, said: “I could have saved them a fortune in make-up. They could have said, ‘Lets get Bill in, in old gardening trousers’ and I’d have been an instant scarecrow.”

He instead plays “rather proper fairground manager” Mr Peregrine, with Mackenzie Crook in the title role. But he added: “It is quite a magical version of Worzel.”

TERESA PALMER is back for a third series of Sky One’s A Discovery Of Witches with a “beautiful and empowering” birth scene. She said: “We’ve seen childbirth portrayed in many ways and I often felt so fearful of it. So we decided to show the birth in a different way.”

Cussmas Day

IT’S the love it or hate it comedy that’s back for a Christmas Day special. And Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendon O’Carroll has revealed one change that viewers may already have noticed. 

He has quietly dropped Mrs Brown’s favourite swear word, “feck!” – for the real thing. He said: “I have started to say it. When I watch Newsnight, there are 30 f***s in 30 minutes. It is allowed.”

It comes after he told how the BBC had asked him to cut the swearing all together so they could screen the show earlier in the evening.


FORMER Tory MP Gyles Brandeth swapped the Commons backbenches for the Celebrity Gogglebox sofa.

He said: “I was a politician, and realised people in musical theatre probably have done more for the good of the nation than all the politicians put together.

“When I was a boy I wanted to be Prime Minister but I maybe should have gone into musical theatre.”

He added: “I’ve stopped watching the news. When the news comes on, I reach for Bargain Hunt or Homes Under The Hammer. These are happy programmes about nice people.”

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