What ‘CBS This Morning’s’ Gayle King is Looking Forward to Next

‘CBS This Morning’s’Gayle King is one of today’s most high-profile journalists. Still beingheralded for her calm demeanor and stellar interviewing skills during hersit-down with singer R. Kelly, who was accused of sexual assault, King leadsthe network’s morning team and has become an integral part of CBSNews.

With her career at an all-time high, one would think that King is content with her status as lead news anchor. But she recently revealed that there’s another title she wants more than any other.

Already playing the name game

King recently toldPeople that she is really looking forward to being a grandmother,and would prefer to take on the role as soon as possible. “Yes! You don’t even have to finish the sentence,” shesaid when asked if she’s ready for grandchildren. “Yes! Dear Jesus, yes. Ican’t wait.”

While King is more than readyfor the next generation of her family, her daughter, recently engaged KirbyBumpus, is not in a rush. “Kirby doesn’t want to hear it, as she said to me theother day,” she told People.

That’s not stopping King, who has started thinking of potential baby names. “I said, ‘Kirby, I thought of another great baby name. Do you like the name Chandler? What about Eden?’ I’m trying to get names that could go with either males or females,” she said. “‘What about Remington?’ She goes, ‘Mom, my womb is empty and I would just like to plan the wedding,’ I said, ‘Give me a freakin’ date so I can start working on this!’”

Upcoming wedding

What may have gotten King so fired up for grandkids is herdaughter Kirby’s recent engagement earlier this year to Virgil Miller, chief of staff to Rep. Cedric Richmond accordingto the Washington Post.

Apparently, Miller decided to makethe proposal a family affair, arranging for a brunch with his family as well asKing and her son Will the day after he popped the question. “Kirbywas really, really, really surprised,” King told Rachael Ray. “Hehad arranged for his family to be there, Will and I to be there, and he toldKirby, ‘We’re just going to brunch with some friends.’ So when she walked inand saw all of us, it was so nice.”

King wanted to start planning the wedding immediately, butdaughter Kirby said she wanted to “just enjoy the engagement” for a couplemonths. “So I’ve been told that I can’t even bring it up,” King toldRay at the time. “It’s amazing how your children can tell you what todo.” King’s BFF Oprah Winfrey will surely be a big part of the weddingfestivities, as she is godmother to both of King’s children.

King announced the engagement on her Instagramaccount, posting, “Guess what happened to @fav daughter … yep @kirbybump isENGAGED!” King wrote on social media. “Swipe left to see the (very) lucky guy..welcome to the family VIRGIL MILLER! She thought will [Gayle’s son] and I were inla.”

Heavy reported that King’s celebrity friends posted their well wishes on social media. “Wow! Wow! Wow! Congrat[s], @Kirbybump,” director Ava DuVernay commented. NBC’s Today Show correspondent Maria Shriver posted, “Omg so exciting.” Actress and singer Rita Wilson wrote, “What wonderful happy news!!”

According to Heavy, Bumpus is currently the Head of Social Impact & Inclusion at Sweetgreen.

Scott is a start

While King may have to wait a while for grandchildren, it looks like she has somewhat of a start with her son Will’s recent adoption of Scott, an adorable tan rescue puppy. “My first ‘grandchild’ his name is scott after my late father swipe left to see the proud parent who adopted him from a shelter on friday we are all SO excited!” King posted on Instagram after Will brought the newest member of his family home.

King recently praised Will on his new “parenting” role, but refrained from giving advice. “A boy & his dog! is it just me or do fav son @willgb3 & fav granDOG Scott (kinda) look alike? I know when time comes he’ll be GREAT dad. Scott.. so well taken care of swipe left …I am wondering if he can walk seems to get carried a lot … but I’m not giving parenting advice.”

Clearly, King will be more than ready for her role as grandmother when the time comes.

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