Will Morag and Luke leave Married at First Sight UK?

Married at First Sight UK has been filled with drama right from the get-go with the majority of the couples, including Morag Crichton and Luke Dawson. The E4 reality series saw the couple get hitched in the second episode with the veterinary nurse instantly saying that he wasn’t what she “ordered”. Now, there are concerns the couple are leaving the show after an emotional teaser clip was aired.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Married at First Sight UK.

Will Morag and Luke leave Married at First Sight UK?

At the end of last night’s [Monday, September 20] episode, a promo for tonight’s episode was shown.

This time around, the spotlight was very much on Morag and Luke during the upcoming commitment ceremony.

Morag opened up about how she “doesn’t have a man in my life anymore” after her dad passed away.

She returned to the UK after living abroad because of his illness and was eager to find love from then on.

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Floods of tears then came from her firefighter husband Luke as he expressed how he felt at not being his wife’s “type”.

Luke sadly stated, “I’m not what she wants”, to the Married at First Sight UK experts.

This clip left fans heartbroken, especially having to watch Luke cry as many believe Morag has been unfair to him.

Some have even gone as far as to say that she has been bullying her new husband.

Throughout the show, Morag has commented on Luke’s looks and confessed that he doesn’t turn her on.

Sticking up for Luke, one fan tweeted: “Morag needs to be removed! This is bullying!”, while another said: “We need to protect Luke at all costs please, that man is an actual angel”.

As of yet, it is unclear if Morag and Luke will leave the series and if they are still a couple.

There have been some hints that romance is still in the air though going by their social media accounts.

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Luke shared a picture of himself and a friend on Instagram where he consciously hid his left hand which would have indicated if he was still wearing a wedding ring.

A fan commented: “Left hand in pocket eh…” and Luke replied with the tears of joy emoji.

Another viewer wrote on an Instagram post of Morag’s that they hoped she and Luke were still together as he is “so lovely” and “you’ll never find someone” if she doesn’t look past what she ordered.

To this, Morag replied: “He [Luke] is an absolute angel. And you’re not wrong. Every day I’m learning and growing.”

Could this mean there is still a chance for Morag and Luke to have their happily ever after?

There isn’t too much longer to go as Married at First Sight UK 2021 is nearing its end.

This current series is made up of 21 episodes, having made its debut on Monday, August 30.

Therefore, it is likely the final will air sometime around Monday, October 5, on E4.

Married at First Sight UK is available to watch on E4.

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